Master The Art Of Remote Volunteering With These 5 Tips

This is a fantastic question, but which kind of RV to purchase, unfortunately, has no clear-cut answer. It really is partly a matter of preference and partly influenced remote volunteering by the type and amount of RVing you plan to do.

Full-time or part-time RVer?

irst of all, if you will be surviving in your RV full-time, you want to choose a rig designed for full-timing. Generally you are considering Class A motorhomes and 5th wheel trailers. You want the storage space and especially need to have your tanks enclosed so your water doesn’t freeze. The better constructed units have significantly more insulation and storage space.

Assuming you have a homebase and will be traveling to a location to work or volunteer in temperatures that stay mostly above freezing, among the other types-Class B vans, Class C motorhomes, truck campers- could do. Some mountain locations, though, even yet in summer can get cold near the beginning or end of the growing season.

Comfort and convenience

Besides construction, consider comfort and living space. Vans and truck campers have limited space. If you’re a solo traveler, you may do fine. Doing the do-si-do in a narrow aisle with a partner for months can get old. Consider also how comfortable the bed and the sofa is. Can you have even a sofa or comfortable chair? George and I traveled in a Lance camper on our Ford 350. It had a small slideout, which certainly increased the room. However, the only place to sit was the dinette. We could put our computers on the table, though the table was higher than comfortable for typing. We also read there. The only real other option was prone on the bed or even to sit outside. The Lance was great for short trips but by the finish of several months, we knew we needed a larger rig for travel and focusing on the road.

Smaller rigs like vans and campers have smaller refrigerators. This means more frequent trips to the store. Should you be working or volunteering in a remote spot and don’t get access to another refrigerator, it will severely limit your supply of fresh fruits and vegetables.