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Another good tip would be to use black poster board or paint your template black to be able to visualize it better, but don’t worry about cutting the actual design, you are only worried about the basic size. Look at the example, as you can see the simulated cutout is too small all the way around and too short. The bottom arm of the T does not go far enough down on the post to be or appear structural, nor does it look wide enough. As a rough guide, I would suggest 4 ½” from the end of the post, then you have to take the width of the beam into consideration as well. In the image to the right the beam is 9 ½” tall and the post is 7 ½” wide. The Strap is 4 ½” wide and the 20″ on the horizontal and 26″ vertical. Again it is all personal preference on how bulky you want your strap. I hope this information helps in your quest to find the correct size for your application. tafsir mimpi

You designed your home to have exposed beams and now you would like to add your own personal design flare with custom architectural iron face plates, but now you are stumped on the details. What size, what thickness, what width, texture and color choices. Calm down, there is a website designed for you [] they custom fabricate to your order. Teton Iron is one of the largest online stores for wood construction ties and architectural beam straps, once you go to their online store with all the options they have to offer you might get confused if you don’t have an idea of what you are looking for first.