Popular Gated Communities in Dubai

Gated communities are an increasingly common feature of modern urban life in Dubai, although their design and features vary according to individual needs and tastes. The financially strong, predominantly male population of Dubai prefers the gated communities of Dubai to any of the other options on offer in the city. These communities encompass palaces, golf courses, hotels, and mansions all of which offer exceptional opulence for the rich and famous. These properties can be easily monitored and maintained by a club house or property management company. However, if you would like to purchase a property in one of these highly-developed areas but you do not have a large amount of disposable cash, you may still be able to find a suitable option in a high-end gated community.

The more popular gated communities in Dubai include those in Bur Dhabi, Dubai Sports City, Dubai Marina, Dubai Festival City, and Dubai Industrial City. The most popularly-designed and built sub-communities are those in the ultra-modern areas of Dubai, such as Business Bay and MadinatJumeirah. The highly-developed suburbs of Dubai, including Bur Dubai, are also extremely popular with expatriates and foreign nationals. Villas in these areas offer many of the same amenities and facilities as a home in a gated community, but at a far more affordable cost.

Although there are many types of top real estate companies in Dubai, the two best known are the MadinatJumeirah and Business Bay. Located on opposite sides of the Burj al Arab Hotel and Dhow wharf, these luxurious properties are some of the best in the area, offering spectacular views of the city, as well as state-of-the-art facilities and services. The MadinatJumeirah also offers residents fantastic access to the city’s best shopping districts, with many boutiques boasting international brands and a selection of restaurants. Many residents choose these properties for their exclusive lifestyle and relaxed ambiance, which makes them the ideal choice for high-class investment properties.

One of the best known and most luxurious gated communities is MadinatJumeirah. Like the MadinatJumeirah, Business Bay is a favorite amongst the city’s elite, with many of its units overlooking the Burj al Arab Hotel and the Mall of the Emirates. These units are fully furnished with state-of-the-art appliances, and features such as a plunge pool and sauna, as well as 24-hour security and emergency call services. A preferred choice for high-class and high-risk tenants, MadinatJumeirah boasts some of the city’s best apartments and villas, many of which have been refurbished and restored to their former glories. For a taste of what luxury living can offer outside of Dubai, consider investing in one of MadinatJumeirah’s many villas and apartments.

Located within walking distance to many of Dubai’s tourist attractions, these apartments and villas offer the perfect base from which to explore this beautiful and modern city. Located near the business district of Dubai Creek, these villas for sale in Dubai and apartments are close to beaches, parks, shops, restaurants, and the Dubai Creek Marina, making them ideal for long or short holiday stays. Many of these properties are also within walking distance of Dubai’s airport, meaning that travelers arriving by car will be able to reach the center in a matter of minutes. The best gated communities are close to shopping centers and restaurants but also far enough away to avoid being directly affected by high winds. To make sure that your property remains secure at all times, choose a location that enjoys the benefits of good security and a secure and friendly local community.

Some of the more popular gated communities in Dubai include Arabian Ranches and Camp Silver. You can also buy villas and apartments in this area of Dubai, with many of them located next to stunning views of the desert. When you buy villas or apartments in Dubai, you will be surrounded by the luxurious amenities of this wonderful city. If you want to escape the bustle of life in the city, you will be able to do so in the comfort of an exclusive apartment or villa. Whether you are looking to book one of the villas or apartments for yourself or as part of a larger holiday rental or property investment portfolio, these areas are ideal for buying and renting property in Dubai.

One of the more popular gated communities in Dubai are those in and around the city of Dubai. Located next to Bur Dhabi on the edge of Burj al Arab’s vast green belt, these villas and apartments in Dubai are often listed as luxury villas and are popular with international buyers who are looking for the ultimate in opulence. These villas are often purchased and sold by Dubaiis and expatriates who frequent the area to escape the fast-paced life of the city and the traditional Arab lifestyle. Buying a villa in Dubai is a popular investment for both domestic and foreign investors. The Dubai stock market has made investing in the property industry much more financially viable for foreign nationals and residents of the city.

There are many other popular gated communities in Dubai which are less well known. You can find quiet neighborhoods within these areas where you can live and relax without the hustle and bustle of the city streets. Many of these neighborhoods are located next to the Burj al Arab hotel, which is one of the most sought after real estate properties in the world. Buyers looking for a quiet place to live in Dubai should look towards these neighborhoods, where they will enjoy the serenity of being away from the chaos and action of the city. These popular neighborhoods are the best gated communities to invest in, because you will enjoy all the amenities and services of a fully furnished and staffed villa or apartment without the hassle and expense of paying for a full service. These villas offer everything that you could ever want in a community, with privacy, security, and serenity.